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Ajde, slušaj kaleš bre Anđo; Manca Izmajlova (Macedonian traditional)

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Moscow Philharmonic Hall 2012: Manca Izmajlova, Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra, conducted by maestro Sergei Skripka and with Capella Yurlova Choir. The famous Macedonian folk song "Listen, Listen Beautiful Anđo", from the project of Manca Izmajlova " The Slavic Soul". This is the first crossover project with Slavic songs in the world. Manca Izmajlova (pr. "Mantsa Izmaylova") is a singer of many dimensions. Mezzo-soprano, known for the beauty of her voice, combined with a strong emotional performance. Manca Izmajlova studied acting and musical theatre in London and opera singing in Moscow. In her career she has performed all around the...
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